Building Services


Home Renovations, simple and tailored to meet your designs, involving or not an architect or interior designer.
As our team consists of all trades necessary to complete all tasks involved in a Home Renovation, time and price will be fractioned by at least 20%.

SitePro Development team is capable of commencing and finishing an renovation project within the timeline proposed and more importantly within the proposed and agreed price.

What is included in renovation?

As homes varies in size, style and complexity, also the renovation time will vary acordingly. Reason why the proposed estimate will include every aspect of the home renovation, itemised and detailed to understanding levels.

Few important elements before and during renovation works:

  • plans, permits, services, estimates
  • access to site, parking, deliveries, working area
  • choice of materials, level of finish
  • work schedules, timeline
  • handover and payments


Bathroom renovations 
can easily be a total failure as we have witnessed through the years. We can proudly affirm our 100% success rate during over 2500 jobs.

One of the most delicate tasks in bathroom renovation process would definitely be the tiling part. Having done a numerous amount of work in tiling industry, we understand the level of detail and the exigent demands involving tiles installation. We also have an extended knowledge including the new materials introduced in recent years.
As mentioned before, trades involved in the bathroom renovation process are fully qualified and licensed. All certificates will be given on completion, including the respective warranties.
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