Organic SEO vs PPC campaign!

The obvious difference is that the Organic SEO traffic comes for free all the while PPC as the title implies, comes at a certain price per click.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM comprises of both Organic SEO and PPC.

In this article, contrary to the obvious, we try to demonstrate that a successful campaign will only work to its fullest if both methods are used.

Few important facts:

  • Organic results can only appear in the middle of the result page while PPC will bring your ad to the top of the page.
  • Organic SEO requires a large amount of unguaranteed work and effort. All this effort and determination doesn’t necessarily mean that will be successfully applied to your results in respectively search engines.
  • High competition for every relevant keyword make a veritable battle ground in quest for a top page position.
  • A successful organic SEO campaign requires a top quality website, fully functional with clean links, text and media content.
  • Not all search engines are will bring quality traffic. The main engines are extremely exigent in their indexes, sorting through the smallest details within your website pages.

Shortcuts and cutting lines? A big “no go”

Extremely heavy penalties could be applied for any “illegal” processes in your organic SEO campaign, meaning your website could be expelled for an indefinite period without any detailed warning regarding the reason why. Not being familiar with SEO will not help your campaign in gaining top 5 position in any search engine. In this case, hiring a SEO professional will be your way.

So? SEO vs PPC?

According to statistics, ranking on top 5 organic, will bring continuous traffic 24/7 without having to ay anything while PPC will bring traffic for the paid period which could get a little costly. So yes, SEO brings more traffic to your site.

The quality of this traffic is an important factor in your campaign. From the conversion point of view, the visitor is more likely to make a purchase or subscribe to a newsletter if directed to your site from PPC campaign. So, if you run a successful PPC campaign, you will only get click from 100% interested visitors in your products or offers.


A successful marketing campaign will fully function in your advantage if both aforementioned methods are utilised!

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