SitePro Home Renovations


Bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, decking, painting, landscaping, roofing, cladding etc.
Any two of the items listed above would be considered as partial renovation.
We will produce a working drawing of your ideea and apply it to your project. The result should at least meet your expectations. Two decades of experience and our great team of qualified trades will help us achieve the proposed scope. While proceeding with the works, you are not required to vacate the premises. Stages of completion will be set in place to accomodate your schedule without invading your lifestyle.


As always, after an inspection, a free quote will be drawn, a design proposal provided while corroborating with your sketches or ideas, a work schedule and availability also exposed. A financial agreement will fall into place after all other provisions have been covered while reducing the variations to a minimum.


This process will require a full strip of your house, trades will be scheduled to perform different tasks which will interfere with your life style. In this case, the premises need to be vacated. It is important to know the completion date of the works, not an easy task, yet achievable. If only minimal changes to the initial design will incur, the handover date will stay unaltered. Major changes will require extra time which will be discussed and planned in advance to avoid any unnecessary issues and unwanted delays.


A little more involvement is required in terms of permits, surveyors, protection work and more. Accomodation arrangements should be made prior to commencement following the work schedule provided.