SitePro Home Builders, Home Renovations, Bathroom Renovations


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Experience Matters, we’ve been in building business for over 15 years!

From the smallest renovation job to the most sophisticated top end home, we will provide the same quality workmanship, highest quality materials with the most of professionalism.

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SitePro Home Builders

Achieving deadlines and top quality with the help of our great team of tradesmen, carefully selected during the years. All finishes above standards.

SitePro Home Builders

SitePro Bathroom Renovations

All aspects of bathroom renovation, warranties varying from 10 years to lifetime. Highest quality of materials, top quality workmanship, payments on completion only (labour).

SitePro Building Services

SitePro Tiling Services

100% Quality 

100% SitePro

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SitePro Home Builders, Home Renovations, Bathroom Renovations

Professionalism, Commitment

SitePro Home Builders

Personalised custom built homes, every step of the construction process will be professionally covered by our team carefully selected during the 15 years journey through building industry. Gradually becoming an impediment, experienced trades are hard to source. That’s why we highly reward our subcontractors in exchange to their expertise and top quality workmanship. 

SitePro Building Materials

For the last decade, building materials have greatly evolved, some in quality, other in versatility, design or resistance. SitePro Builders material selection is not based on price. Quality and purpose are primordial, closely followed by durability and resistance. All materials supplied will be presented prior to installation being subjected to client’s approval.

SitePro  Development

One of the most profitable facets of the building industry, demolish and build 2 or more. Always an upgrade by enhancing your lifestyle, increasing your profits considerably or expanding your equity, this solution will keep you in the neighbourhood you love. Only inconvenience will be resettling for the duration of the project.

SitePro Building Process

SitePro Home Builders will walk you through the whole building process starting with the assessment of the existing site, choose your design, preparing and signing an HIA contract followed by council approvals, demolition, survey, soil test, final engineering report, energy rating, building permits, materials selection and supply, construction and finally handover.


1 Commercial Rd, Highett VIC 3190


1300 661 955


1300 661 955


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We’ve been in building industry for over 15 years. Experience matters!